• Permit Customer Experience Measurement and Improvement Program (CEMIP)

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  • What is the Customer Experience Measurement and Improvement Program (CEMIP)?

    The Marin Builders Association, in partnership with local Marin jurisdictions, and the Marin Economic Forum launched the first version of the CEMIP with our Customer Satisfaction Assessment in 2017.  This multi-year program is designed to help improve the permit process for Marin building professionals and property owners. Our ultimate goal is to improve the customer experience and decrease the amount of non-permitted and potentially hazardous construction throughout the North Bay.

    Phase I of the CEMIP is a data driven measurement, review, and analysis of customers who have recently experienced the permit process. We do this by employing surveys, conducting focus groups and interviews, and researching best practices in other jurisdictions. The end product is a comprhensive report of findings which is then presented to the respective jurisdiction. The final report includes the results of the surveys, focus groups, and best practices. The report also includes recommendations on how to improve procedures, systems, and customer service.

    Phase II (and subsequent phases) includes the re-application of surveys and focus groups as in Phase I and extends to explore internal processes. Data and interview findings are utilized to identify ways to improve the flow of permits and further improve the customer experience.  In addition, there is an optional outreach component that includes the creation and implementation of a customized campaign to highlight the jurisdiction’s efforts and their successes.

    Who has Conducted the Customer Experience Measurement and Improvement Program (CEMIP)?

    The City of San Rafael was the first to sign-on to this multi-year program in 2017-2018. 

    The City of Novato and the Town of Tiburon joined the program in 2019.

    The County of Marin signed on in 2020.

    Our goal is to support the efforts of every municipality in Marin willing to look at the true experience of their customers for potential improvements.

    Do you know a jurisdiction who should join the program?

    Contact Rick Wells at 415.462.1220 or rick@marinbuilders.com to learn more!

    CEMIP Reports:

    City of San Rafael: Phase I - Final Report

    City of Novato: Phase I - Final Report (or) Executive Summary

    Town of Tiburon: Phase I - Final Report (or) Executive Summary

    News about our Permit Simplicity (CEMIP) Program 


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