• Marin Builders Association FAQ

  • Is construction important in Marin County?

    Definitely! There are over 10,000 construction industry jobs in Marin County. More than 7% of ALL local economic activity across Marin is attributed to the local building industry. For more facts about construction in Marin, check out the BUILDING MARIN COUNTY infographic.

    What is the Marin Builders Association?

    We are the resource for all things building in Marin County. We serve the construction industry, construction associated businesses, and our community. We are a 501(c)6 non-profit organization that promotes high ethical and professional standards. We strive to provide first-class programs, events, and resources. We work every day for the enhancement of the building industry.

    I need help finding a local contractor! Can the Marin Builders Association help me?

    Absolutely! Our members are all listed in our annual Marin Home Resource Guide and in our online Member Directory. You may also call our office as our staff will be happy to provide referrals if you need additional guidance.

    How does becoming a member benefit my business? Why do people join?

    Who serves on the Marin Builders Association Board and how do I get involved?

    The Marin Builders Association general membership is represented by a 19 member Board of Directors. If you are interested in making a stronger connection with us, you can get involved here.

    How many members are part of the Marin Builders Association?

    The Marin Builders Association community has over 560 active member firms.

    How much does it cost to become a member?

    The cost is $575 annually for all categories, with a one-time $100 application fee. The categories of membership are:

    • General (Licensed contractors)
    • Associate (Construction industry related products/services)
    • Other Organizations (Non-Profits, Clubs, etc.)

    How do I contact the Marin Builders Association?

    Give us a call at 415-462-1220
    Our office Hours are M-Th 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday by appointment.
    Send an email to mba@marinbuilders.com




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