• Fire Safety Resources

  • Create an Emergency Plan:

    Below are resource links provided by PG&E, Fire Safe Marin, and other entities related to: how to prepare for wildfire, earthquakes, storms and other emergencies, hardening your home and community, high fire threat district maps, Public Safety Power Shutoffs, current/future PG&E electric outage maps, and cameras.

  • Preparedness Preparedness

    PG&E Fire Safety Tips - It can be a matter of life or death. Be proactive in protecting yourself and others; take the time to create a 5-minute plan to evacuate from fires. With a clear escape route, you can leave at a moment's notice, keeping your loved ones safe from harm. Remember, waiting for official evacuation orders might be too late – act quickly when it feels unsafe.

    To ensure a smooth evacuation process:

    • Establish a meeting place for your family.
    • Prepare an emergency kit containing essentials like medication, important documents, clothes, food, and water.
    • Stay updated with weather reports and Red Flag Warnings.
    • If it's time to leave, have your emergency bags packed and gather your family, including pets.
    • Don't delay; evacuate promptly.

    For more information on creating a 5-minute plan and staying prepared for disasters, visit Fire Fighters On Your Side 

    Fire Safe Marin Safety Tips - Disasters don't plan ahead, but you can: 5 Simple Steps to Get Ready

    The Safety Action Center -  Provides useful information to help you and your family prepare for wildfires, earthquakes, and other emergencies 

    Alart & Evacuation Resources  - Subscribe to receive emergency alerts by phone, text message, email, and app. 

  • Hardening Hardening

    Learn how to Harden Your Home - Make efforts to improve the chances of your home and structures withstanding ignition by wildfire. It starts with easy, small steps that can make all the difference. 

    Fire Safety Marin - Adapting to Wildfire Safety Tips Home Page

    Learn more about backup power Safety: PG&E Backup Power Safety

    Community Wildfire Safety Program

    System Hardening and Undergrounding

  • Maps & Cameras Maps & Cameras

    Marin Firesite Wise Map: MAP

    Current PG&E outages and Future PSPS Outage map (Future PSPS map may change with weather conditions): Outage Map

    Marin Public Information Map: MAP

    Seven day look-ahead for PSPS potential and interactive Weather Map

    ALERT Wildfire HD Cameras in high fire-threat areas allow PG&E and first responders to monitor wildfires in real time.  Link to North Bay Cameras

  • Natural Disaster Safety Natural Disaster Safety

    Natural disaster safety: Know what to do before, during and after an earthquake, storms, and other emergencies.

    Follow these guidelines to prepare for emergencies

  • Marin Emergency Portal and Alerts Marin Emergency Portal and Alerts

    Marin County Emegrency Portal: Portal

    Alert Marin: Register AlertMarin.org for emergency alerts.

  • Learn More About Safety and Shutoffs Learn More About Safety and Shutoffs

    Learn more about safety related to electricity, gas, yard, wildfire, vegitation, and so much more.

    Visit: PG&E Safety

    Learn about Planned Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) to prevent wildfires and keep you safe.

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  • Fire Safe Marin Newsletters 2024 Fire Safe Marin Newsletters 2024

    In this January Newsletter, Fire Safe Marin gives you tips and tools that you can use during the winter season to prepare your home and community.

    In this February Newsletter, Fire Safe Marin points to cost-saving services like Chipper Day and budget-friendly tips to get you started. 

    In this March Newsletter, Fire Safe Marin share the tips that will make your yard and home safer to the threat of wildfire.

    In this April Newsletter, Fire Safe Marin share some information about how wildfire disclosures work during the sale of a home, about a tree that should not be growing in your yard, and so much more.  

    In this May Newsletter, Fire Safe Marin share how to prepare for wildfire that will give you peace of mind.