• Join Our Membership Referral Program

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  • Refer Your Colleagues!

    Submit the simple form below or download, complete, and return our printable version.

  • How the program works:

    • If you have an associate that is interested in learning more about Marin Builders Association, all we need is a little information and we’ll do the rest!  It’s easy! You can submit the simple form below or complete and return the attached printable form.
    • If the referred business joins Marin Builders Association, we will waive their application fee of $100 as a courtesy to them and we will offer you, the referring member a $100 bonus in appreciation.  This bonus can be applied to outstanding membership dues, pledged as a donation to our Scholarship or Adopt-A-Highway Programs or received by cash/check.
    • As an additional thank you, referring members will be highlighted in our newsletter.
    • A completed referral form for each prospect is appreciated so that we can track the referrals properly.
  • Terms and Conditions:

    • There is no limit to the number of prospects that can be submitted.
    • The bonus will be paid once the prospective member’s application is received and processed.
    • The person making the prospect referral must be a current member of the Marin Builders Association.
    • If a prospect is submitted more than once, we will honor the member who turned in the referral form first.


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