• CSLB Reminds Licensees of New Laws Beginning January 1, 2024

    Sacramento, CA – Heading into 2024, the Contractors State License Board wants to remind licensees of new laws taking effect in the new year.

    SB 630 (Dodd)
    This bill requires CSLB licensees and applicants to provide an email address, if available, when they obtain and renew licenses. The email addresses are not subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act. This bill also authorizes the Registrar to automatically reimpose license revocation when probationary conditions placed on a license are not met. (Chapter 153, Statutes of 2023)

    AB 336 (Cervantes)
    This bill requires licensees with a workers’ compensation policy to provide the top three workers’ compensation classification codes on their workers’ compensation policy when they renew their licenses. Those codes will be posted on the CSLB license lookup webpage. Licenses won’t be renewed without the codes. However, the bill allows for retroactive renewal if the licensee provides the codes within 30 days after receiving notice of the denial. (Chapter 323, Statutes of 2023)

    AB 1204 (Holden)
    This bill prohibits specialty contractors from subcontracting with two or more contractors in the same classification on the same jobsite unless the subcontractor has employees who perform the work in the relevant classification or are party to a collective bargaining agreement. This bill makes violations of this section cause for disciplinary action. (Chapter 568, Statutes of 2023)

    SB 601 (McGuire)
    This bill increases the statute of limitations to three years for misdemeanor violations by a licensed contractor for allowing an unlicensed person to use their contractor license. This bill also requires courts to assess the maximum civil penalty for specified home improvement contract violations in declared disaster areas. (Chapter 403, Statutes of 2023)

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