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    The typical contractual relationship of a construction project is a three-legged stool: the owner, the designers and the contractors. While the architects and contractors bring their respective expertise to the project, the owner often does not have construction experience or resources to manage the project. Serving as the owner’s representative, Pound Management Inc. supports the owner and guides them through the process to make their project successful.

    We believe the best way for an owner to maintain control of a project is to be represented by sensible and knowledgeable management. Our purpose is to protect our client’s interests. From the beginning, when the need for the project is understood and the program is identified, realistic schedules and budgets must be created to guide expectations. On any scale a construction project is complex; it involves a multitude of professionals, trades and materials, and there are numerous variables that can impact the schedule and budget. The best way to manage these inherent risks is to reduce uncertainties and improve predictability within the process from early design through to occupancy and maintenance. Experience is key and Pound Management Inc. provides the expertise and leadership to assemble and coordinate a team to achieve our client's objectives.

    Through this collaborative approach we PLAN THE WORK THEN WORK THE PLAN.

    For more than 40 years, Pound Management Inc. (PMI) has been serving the needs of its clients as owner representatives and project managers in construction and property development projects.

    PMI founder, Leslie Alspach, began his career as a general contractor in Anchorage, Alaska. In 1984 his first project as an owner’s representative was with a group of 32 doctors in the construction of a medical office building at Providence Hospital. His passion for owner representation was built in the process.

    In 1987, Leslie moved to the Bay Area to manage a medical office building for Providence Hospital in Oakland. Shortly thereafter a project for Japan Airlines at Napa County Airport pulled business into the North Bay. Today, Pound Management Inc. has represented owners in the design and construction of nearly every building type all over the Bay Area. See below for a list of past clients. Leslie Alspach leads with partners, Murray Nicolson, Sean Grinnell, and Matt Rush, a total of 14 employees over two offices, in Oakland and Napa.

    Pound Management Inc. welcomes the opportunity to present our credentials to you for your next project.



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