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    About Us

    By providing a collaborative community of photographers and connecting non profit organizations to their communities through stories of good people doing good in the world. Desire to Inspire Studios is committed to telling the untold stories of people helping people through amazing visuals that share the good news and allow people all over the world to smile from the heart.

    By 2020, Desire to Inspire Studios, LLC has grown from an idea of good people doing good in the world to a hub of communication depicting the good of humanity. We are now 10 studio locations spread through out the United States, we have studios in Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, South America, China, India, and in England. We have become the hub of Good News. We’ve raised over $100,000 in scholarships for photographers to go on missions with various non profit organizations throughout the world to tell their stories. Our website has over 125,000 unique visitors each month. We have employed over 510 photographers and videographers in the various studios. We have ignited the worlds passion for good stories and the mainstream network news stations are now all about the good news.

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