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    About Us

    Mission Statement

    Big Skills Tiny Homes provides self-discovery, mentoring, and skill development to students interested in the trades. Through the process of building a tiny home from scratch to completion, students are exposed to a variety of trade disciplines and are empowered to identify their future career path.

    Program Description

    Sean Ticknor, President and founder of BSTH, will lead a team of four high school graduate team members to build a Tiny Home from scratch to completion, with the goal of selling it on the open market. The project will take nine months to complete. A tiny home was selected as an ideal construction project for the following reasons:

    It exposes students to a variety of available careers in the trades

    It results in a tangible product that students can feel proud to make

    It can be completed in a reasonable time frame

    It can be sold as a future revenue source for BSTH

    The tiny home will be approximately 150 square feet large, and include a living space, modern bathroom, and complete kitchen. Like any other typical home, it will have plumbing, electricity, wood framed walls with windows and doors, and roofing. It will be finished with carpet, drapes, dishes, and decor. The home will be energy efficient and recycled building materials will be used, when possible.

    Sean Ticknor and his team members will work full time nine months. The first four students to enter the program will start in September. The program will have three distinct building phases.


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    Rep/Contact Info

    Sean D. Ticknor
    Executive Director