• Treated Wood Waste Variance Program Update - March 11, 2021

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    March 11, 2021

    The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has added an update to the treated wood waste (TWW) FAQ page. Below is the update added and the link to the TWW FAQ webpage.

    Q: What should I know before taking my treated wood to a landfill or transfer station for disposal? 

    A: DTSC has posted a list of the landfills (https://dtsc.ca.gov/tww-variances/) and transfer stations (https://dtsc.ca.gov/handler-transporters-with-variances/) that are accepting treated wood on our website. The list only includes the facilities that have asked to be on the website and there are many other facilities that have received a variance. If you are planning to take treated wood to any of these facilities, DTSC recommends that you call them in advance to make sure that you understand their acceptance requirements. For example, some landfills have imposed conditions that go beyond the requirements of their variance such as only accepting treated wood from customers that have a variance. Other landfills require that you have a pre-approved waste profile prior to arriving at the landfill. For these reasons, DTSC encourages you call prior to transporting your waste to avoid the potential of being turned away. 

    FAQ Link: https://dtsc.ca.gov/treated-wood-waste-tww-frequently-asked-questions/
    If you have any questions about the TWW variance process, please refer to the information DTSC’s website such as the TWW fact sheet and FAQs or send an email to TWW_help@dtsc.ca.gov

    Thank you
    TWW Staff 
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