• Treated Wood Waste Variance Program Update 9/1/2021

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    September 02, 2021

    On August 31, 2021, Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill AB332 and the bill takes effect immediately. AB332 adopts new Alternative Management Standards (AMS) for treated wood waste that are codified in Health and Safety Code section 25230. As a result of the chaptering of the bill, all treated wood waste variances issued by DTSC since March 2021 are now inoperative and have no further effect. The variances are no longer necessary because they have been replaced by the AMS. The new AMS are similar to the rules that applied under the variance program, except that no variance is required.
    DTSC is in the process of updating its website to reflect the changes due to the passage of AB332. Please check back over the coming days for further updates.

    Webpage Links:
    If you have any questions about the TWW variance process, please refer to the information DTSC’s website such as the TWW fact sheet and FAQs or send an email to TWW_help@dtsc.ca.gov
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