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    September 01, 2022

    Got Noisy Joints?

    Sounds in the knees are fairly common. You may hear a snapping or clicking sound when you bend or straighten your knees, or when you walk or go up or downstairs. Called crepitus (Latin for rattle), this can also occur in shoulder, elbow or neck joints. Often, the older you get, the louder the noise. Benign (painless) crepitus is caused by the rubbing of cartilage on the joint surface or other soft tissues around the joints during joint movement, likely a result of air movement in the joint. The mechanics of your knees and other joints naturally make some level of noise when they’re in use. Crepitus with pain can be a sign of arthritis, dysfunction of the patellofemoral joint (between the knee cap and the thigh bone), injury with scar tissue, a meniscus tear or a tendon moving over a bony prominence within the joint. Even though benign crepitus or a joint clicking sound is not typically harmful or unhealthy, it can be annoying during exercise or other activities, such as climbing stairs, or simply rising from sitting. Effective solutions for reducing joint clicking or pain during movement: Adopt a gentle stretching routine prior to strenuous physical activity or exercise. In addition, focus on muscle training exercises that strengthen your knees, legs and neck to lessen crepitus. If you have regular joint noises accompanied by pain and/or swelling, consult your health care provider. 

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    Katja Isham, Account Associate
    katja.isham@alliant.com, (949) 681-9052
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