• Top 10 Advantages of Quartz

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    September 07, 2022

    Advantages of Quartz

    Quartz is not entirely natural. It is 95% ground natural stone combined with 5% resin. Hence why it is categorize as an Engineered Stone as opposed to Natural or Artificial.

    10 Advantages of Quartz

    1. No imperfections

    Some admire the imperfections that come with natural stone. Quartz on the other hand can be manufactured to have an even pattern and consistent veining. If you're looking to have a clean uniform appearance to your countertops, quartz is the right choice for you.

    2. Wide range of colors

    Finding the right color countertop or vanity to match the finishes in your kitchen or bathroom can sometimes be very difficult to do. Quartz slabs come in virtually any color, shade and pattern. No matter the complexity of your existing home finishes, you can find a quartz material to fit perfectly.

    3. Less maintenance

    Natural stone countertops like marble and granite typically require sealants applied to its surface yearly. Quartz countertops are nonporous preventing water and liquids from absorbing and leaving a stain, thus not requiring any special care or sealants to be applied. It is still advised to clean any spills with soap and water...

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