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    June 01, 2017

    Got Weeds? Think Before You Spray!

    Spring is here, along with a bumper crop of weeds across Marin County.
    Your first reaction may be to reach for that spray bottle and zap the uglys. But, that easy spray
    is tough on the environment, and can be harmful to the landscape, wildlife, water
    and even your family and pets. There are alternative ways to control weeds without using toxic chemicals! Please see YardSmartMarin.org for toxic-free ideas and tips, and prepare to enjoy a healthier and beautiful summer.
    YardSmartMarin is a collaboration of Marin County, the Integrated Pesticide Management Commission, and concerned community representatives. Sign up for updates at YardSmartMarin.org.

    Angela Clapp, Engineering Technician III
    AClapp@marincounty.org, 415-473-3202
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