• The Joy of Service? It's More Than You Think

    Many of us in a service business, or any business, put all of our focus on the client or customer. We twist ourselves in knots to please them. We accept unacceptable behavior. We sacrifice our own self-care and boundaries.

    That’s our saboteurs in action.

    Your Sage knows the true joy of service is as much about you as it is about serving others.

    Think about why you got into design or architecture or however you serve your clients. You have passion and talent and want to share it with the world! You have a vision and ideas that need to come forth. You happily spend hours at your drafting table, drawing board or computer bringing these visions to life.

    Essentially, you are expressing the completely unique combination of skills, competencies, passions and magic that is you. You are in the zone, in the flow.

    And that feels f*#@!^g awesome!!!

    Then, somewhere along the way, we get hijacked by our saboteurs, and the awesomeness starts to fade. We start to do things out of fear; things that subjugate our needs, our vision, and our purpose. We start to doubt our creativity. We value being liked more than feeling fulfilled. Our boundaries weaken and soon we’re responding to texts at 10pm or 7am on Sunday. We stop taking vacation or going to the gym. We run ourselves ragged for any and every client request--all in service to being of service!

    Doubt, fear and stress are the energy of your Saboteurs. Afraid of failure, needing approval, avoiding conflict, feeling unworthy. We forget why we got into this in the first place.

    No more flow. No more joy.

    When we attach our value, esteem, purpose, worthiness onto anything external, we give away our power and our joy. It's an inside job, dear friend.

    The effortless, love-based Sage serves others unconditionally--for the sheer joy of it--not to please or to be liked. I'm not saying clients and customers aren’t important. They’re essential. And collaboration can be incredibly inspiring and affirming. When we stay connected to service as an act of sharing our gifts and talents (aka living our purpose), the joy comes naturally. Remembering how magnificent you are and serving from that place will lower stress and raise your performance and satisfaction.

    It's been said that service is love in action. It's noble to serve others, just remember to love yourself in the process and to put your oxygen mask on first.

    You are always in choice. Choose ease.

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