• Supplement to New California Laws for 2019

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    December 17, 2018
    A representative of the Contractors State License Board would like to emphasize a benefit of SB 1042 not mentioned in the report that Smith Currie published recently. Importantly, the new law allows the CSLB to work with licensees, resolve complaints informally, and avoid a full Administrative Procedure Act hearing brought by the California Attorney General’s office. If the CSLB and licensee are unable to resolve a citation informally, the licensee is still entitled to the APA hearing. Contractors receiving CSLB citations are wise to avail themselves of this process.The CSLB also points out that the new law raises the stakes for those contracting as part of the “underground economy” by adding criminal liability for unlicensed persons who perform as contractors and who fail to provide workers compensation insurance coverage for their employees. Please see new summary of AB 2705 here

    Daniel F. McLennon - Partner
    Member of the California Bar
    Daniel F. McLennon, Partner
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