• Safety & Training Short: Landscape Equipment - Lawn Mowers

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    July 18, 2022
    Proper instruction & information is critical:
    Do not use any lawn mower without proper instruction. Only trained operators are allowed to use the lawn mowers. Proper training must include a review of the operator’s manual, as well as a skills evaluation to assure that the operators understand the features of this piece of equipment and can use it safely.

    • Many hazards are involved when using a lawn mower, including:
    • Flying particles of dirt or debris, or other particles discharged from the cutting deck.
    • Slopes, uneven, or unstable ground that could potentially result in rollovers or other unsafe conditions.
    • Objects in the path of travel can damage equipment or become projectiles when struck.
    • Exposure to outdoor environments including insects, sun, and allergens.
    • Noise exposure.
    • Exposure to exhaust gases such as carbon monoxide in poorly ventilated areas.
    • Burns from the exhaust system.
    • Exposure to mechanical hazards from the blades and other moving parts.
    Click here to download the complete training short in English
    Click here to download the complete training short in Spanish

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