• Safety & Training Short: Flammables - Fuel Gases

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    July 11, 2019
    Every year there are fires and explosions at work sites around the world because of failure to use and handle acetylene and fuel gases safely. Below, you will find tips on how to keep your workplace from becoming another statistic.
    General safety precautions:
    • These gases are highly flammable. Always use caution and common sense when working with acetylene and other fuel gases.
    • Learn the dangers and controls for the gas you are working with and always practice safe handling and transportation methods.
    • Avoid smoking around fuel gases and remember it doesn’t take a flame or spark to cause an explosion.
    • Many of these gases will ignite between 600° F and 800° F.
    • A spark from any source can cause ignition; defective hoses are the most likely place for gas to escape into a room.
    • Be sure to consult your supervisor and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) about the explosive characteristics of the gas that you are working with and check the manufacturer’s information for the required safety gear.
    Click here to download the complete training short in English
    Click here to download the complete training short in Spanish
    Jared Goble, Loss Control
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