• Pressure Treated Predicament

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    February 04, 2021
    Contractors began experiencing rejection of pressure treated wood waste (Treated Wood Waste or TWW) at landfills and transfer stations statewide recently. As outlined in the Marin Sanitary Service press release on January 27th, an obscure hazardous waste law variance that previously enabled TWW to be accepted at transfer stations was allowed to sunset on January 1, 2021. As a Deconstruction Contractor with a Reuse Facility, we are acutely aware of this crisis in the waste sector.
    In a presentation by the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) at the Bay Area Deconstruction Workgroup (BADWG) on February 3rd, 2021, they explained that TWW is now officially hazardous waste since the extension of Alternative Management Standards was vetoed by the Governor. The crisis that has ensued prompted DTSC to begin accepting variance applications on February 16th, and these temporary variances could go into effect as early as March 1. This would allow landfills and transfer stations to once again take pressure treated lumber until a permanent, workable solution can be developed to properly dispose of TWW in hazardous waste certified landfills. 
    Once the variance is put into place, DTSC will need to develop solutions for managing this hazardous waste in the future. We have begun a dialogue with the agency to serve as an official outlet for reusable pressure treated, but have been asked to wait for the variances to be issued before addressing the next steps.
    For now, the best solutions for managing pressure treated lumber until the variances are issued include:
    • Sort pressure treated lumber into waste (rotten, under 2' lengths) and inventory your reusable stockpile.
    • Stockpile waste in a covered area to prevent leachate from entering local waterways until               March 1, 2021.
    • Contact participating lumber reuse facilities to learn how to "donate" your reusable inventory (space is limited). 
    Reuse ACQ or "Brown" pressure treated in appropriate areas (eg: not in vegetable gardens).
    On March 1, begin your disposal plan for your TWW by searching for transfer stations with variances (we will provide an update). Other hazardous materials handling and topics discussed at BADWG included PCB's, Lead, sustainable building certification, and permitting issues related to deconstruction policy development.
    To view the DTSC and other presentations from February 3rd BADWG, click here.
    DTSC TWW Factsheet

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    Variances for Treated Wood Waste Disposal
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