• The North Bay Business Journal Touts the Marin Builders Association as Valued Construction Industry Resource

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    July 09, 2020

    Construction amid coronavirus: Marin County builder group offers guidelines - Initially Published on July 6 by North Bay Business Journal

    As changing public health orders continue to redefine what can and cannot be done during the pandemic resurgence, the Marin Builders Association (MBA) has created a complete online COVID-19 Construction Industry Resource designed to help builders cope with complicated safety rules and regulations.

    “We assembled guidelines and practical examples our members and others can use when charting a course for their businesses during these unsettling times,” said Rick Wells, CEO. “Changes are occurring rapidly, our mission includes finding the best way to serve as an all-in-one source of guidance so builders can keep jobsites and workers protected while managing operations effectively and staying in compliance.”

    The website currently contains 14 categories of timely, relevant information gleaned from a variety of companies, organizations and subject matter experts. The site is updated regularly as new details become available.

    The association also posts upcoming Member Connect “e-vents” including meetings, webinars, forums and e-mail blasts containing vital information such as where to get free COVID-19 testing for construction workers and landscapers and where to find personal protective equipment.

    The association also provides two ways builders can network with others across Marin and reach out to share best practices via Facebook and LinkedIn pages that also frequently show new job opportunities.

    Wells said that while a significant percentage of information on association’s website is county centric, Marin is one of six counties in a partnership that has issued similar protocols, however, modifications are often needed to signage and when developing training materials for site specific work sites in each jurisdiction.

    “Our more than 560 members say this online resource is extremely valuable. We’ve had almost that many view our webinars simultaneous. Feedback has been tremendous. The most popular topics continue to be ways to ensure safe job sites and an overview of sample safety posters and protocols. Several webinars have been devoted to legal issues during the pandemic,” said Wells.


    Gary Quakenbush, gary.quackenbush@gmail.com
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