• Marin Builders Association Opposes Natural Gas Ban ''Reach Codes''

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    March 30, 2021
    The Marin Builders Association supports efforts to address climate change.  We believe the best way to solve this crisis is through innovation, investment, and partnerships.
    A ban on natural gas to residences will increase construction costs, decrease consumer choice, reduce energy availability for homeowners during Public Safety Power Shutdown periods, potentially cause unforeseen impacts to the electrical grid, increase energy costs for homeowners, and have minimal impact on the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
    The Marin Builders Association supports the development of credits, incentives, and rebates to encourage less reliance on natural gas. Homeowners will make changes only if they are financially motivated and there is viable consumer choice. 
    The implementation of this type of “reach code” would increase costs from development to end-use. We suggest any governing body interested in adopting a ban on the use of natural gas first create a committee of environmental experts, impacted homeowners, and building professionals to explore the true impacts of such policy as well as a plan with viable solutions, staging the eventual phasing-out of natural gas over a defined period of time.
    “Creating a ban without a plan” is not effective or fair policy development.
    Drafted and Adopted March 2021
    Rick Wells, Chief Executive Officer
    rick@marinbuilders.com, (415) 462-1220
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