• Marin Builders Association Board Opposes Possible Water Hook up Moratorium

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    May 28, 2021
    The Marin Builders Association Board of Directors voted unanimously to oppose the possible Marin Municipal Water District moratorium on new water hook ups.
    Little evidence has been provided regarding the projected amount of water to that may be saved by a possible water hook up moratorium. Nor are we aware of any outreach to the business or construction members of our community to help determine any potential savings or local impacts.

    It is likely that a moratorium on new water hook ups could do more harm than good by inhibiting much needed workforce housing, especially Accessory Dwelling Units, creating confusion among permit applicants, delaying new water storage solutions, and avoiding much needed infrastructure improvements to the water delivery system. New construction, designed to maximumize water efficiency, would be negatively impacted most by this moratorium. Therefore, we encourage MMWD to look at other, better options to increase capacity and resiliency for our water supply. 

    Further, any value of this moratorium may be far outweighed by the disruption, costs, and inequities that it causes.  The cost of this attempt to conserve will be an unfair burden on a few in response to a community challenge that should be shared equally.   

    The Marin Builders Association shares the stance with many local organizations that it is the District’s responsibility to only move ahead with a thoughtful and balanced analysis of the costs and impacts of a moratorium relative to the actual amount of water projected to be conserved.  Failure to take this step may cause escalating housing prices, jeopardize local economic vitality, and further accelerate climate change as more Marin employees are forced to commute to jobs. Before considering a moratorium, analysis should include the following:

    - How much water is anticipated to be saved during the moratorium?What will be the cost in for MMWD and other local jurisdictions to implement, monitor, and enforce a moratorium?

    - What will be the cost to those parts of the community impacted by the moratorium?  This would include, for example, lost jobs and lost fee income from delayed projects.

    - Given Marin’s slow rate of project approval at all levels, would such a moratorium even be effective in the anticipated time frame of the drought? (More - View full letter)

    Rick Wells, Chief Executive Officer
    rick@marinbuilders.com, (415) 462-1220
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