• ICE Raid Hits Home Here in Marin by Ginny Kuhel, Kuhelbreez HR Consultant

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    June 01, 2017
    In May, one of our own Marin County residents, Hugo Mejia, was taken into custody and he is now being denied an immigrant hearing. 

    Hugo Mejia, of San Rafael, and Rodrigo Nunez, of Hayward — both undocumented immigrants from Jalisco, Mexico, who have been in the United States for more than a decade — were set to start a new construction project May 3 at a hospital on the Fairfield base. They were detained after a military official discovered they did not have valid Social Security numbers during a routine identification screening and reported them to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 
    They remain in expedited deportation proceedings after being denied immigration hearings Tuesday, according to their attorney and local immigration activists. (Marin IJ 6-1-17)

    What can you do as employers to protect your valuable employees?

    Here are some tips to educate them on what their rights are. If ICE comes to the job site, 1) they have a right to remain silent, 2) ICE needs to have a warrant signed by a "judge" (not an administrative warrant) for a specific person, 3) ICE cannot come on private property without a warrant and 4) tell them not to run - that might make them look guilty.

    I will be giving another presentation on "Employers - How to Prepare  for ICE Raids" - at Marin Builders soon.  The presentation will provide employers with valuable information on how to protect your business and your employees.  
    Look for an announcement in the Marin Builders THIS WEEK Newsletter 

    Good talent is hard to find. Imagine losing two long term employees on a job site with no replacements available. This doesn't need to happen. It is time to protect and educate our valuable employees.

    If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact me at 415-444-6246. 

    Ginny Kuhel - KuhelBreez HR Consulting 

    Ginny Kuhel, Employee Relations/HR Specialist
    kuhelbreez@gmail.com, (415) 444-6246
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