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    February 18, 2021

    If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the need to be empathetic.

    Given the challenges of the pandemic, people in the building trades, like all of us, have had to make adjustments on how to run their businesses, as well as how they communicate with clients and potential clients. Clients should know that you work safely, under guidelines from OSHA, CDC and state and local authorities. They want reassurance that you will conduct consultations virtually or at a social distance and that their home and job sites will be safe and clean.
    It’s important that your web presence and social media communicate this effectively. Building trust is key, which is why your website must be ‘human-centered’ and that involves empathy and a willingness to listen. Your website should clearly and honestly state what your company does and delivers on. It should contain a ‘call-to-action’ to engage with about the job they need handled. Short of a phone or Zoom conversation, an embedded contact form on your website can provide client information that will filter and inform. This is the front line for client engagement.
    At Bill Russell Design, we have made it a priority in our process to help clients create content for their website that empathizes and connects. We engage with our clients to deepen our understanding of our client’s needs. We want to know what story they want to share. We create a roadmap for site development and receive timely client feedback on our deliverables. We want to be sure that clients get a return on their investment.
    The emergence of human-centered web design means that with each line of text, each image, each click on a link, each social share is designed to dynamically cater to the needs of users. It's what's needed now.


    Bill Russell Design is based in Lucas Valley, California and is a member of the Marin Builders Association. Members can save $500 by taking advantage of our New Website Toolkit Offer! 

    Bill Russell, Designer & Developer
    bill@billrusselldesign.com, (415) 491-9734
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