• Foundation Twenty One Seeking Assistance with Building Trades Trailer

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    January 15, 2019
    Beginning in February, Foundation Twenty One will start bringing it’s Building Trades Trailer onto high school campuses in Marin and other counties in the San Francisco Bay Area to give students a new appreciation of what it means to work in “blue tech” industries. They now have 2 of out 10 panels outfitted with tools that are standard to each trade. They need your help to complete the remaining 8 panels. Your contribution will be appreciated in any or all of the following areas:

    1. Putting together a list of the most commonly used hand and power tools which are unique to and which best represent your trade.

    2. Finding union approved videos which illustrate building systems, apprenticeship programs, and standard practices recommended for safety and success in your trade.

    3. Obtaining a decal of your union logo to post on their trailer so they can give recognition for your support, and educate students about your presence and purpose.

    4. Enlisting volunteers (working or retired) to speak about your trade at their on-campus workshops.

    5. A monetary donation to help them complete the outfitting of their tool panels, based on item 1 above.

    John M. Christopher, a member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors, IUEC Local 8 in San Francisco is the founder of Foundation Twenty One. He worked in his trade over 40 years—the first 25 years in San Francisco, and the last 15 years in the North Bay. In 2007, his son Jonathan was suddenly killed in a car accident. John's community responded with incredible support and inspired him to form this 501c3 non-profit foundation along with it's original mission statement which encourages young men and women to develop six values of friendship as they fulfill their educational and social commitments. Foundation Twenty One supports their efforts financially with scholarship awards. At the high school level, they encourage them to carry these values forward into their careers, where there is a real world application.

    Starting in 2019, they will be adding a third element to their mission—giving presentations about the Building Trades to help high school seniors better understand what is entailed when they choose a career in the trades.

    Since last December, they have shown their trailer to high school counselors in Marin, CTE educators from the South Bay, and met with members of the San Francisco Building & Construction Trades Council, as well as members of the Marin Builders Association. The response has been very enthusiastic, and their first on-campus visits are just over a month away! 

    They also welcome any financial contribution to the overall operation of their trailer. Please contact them with any questions regarding their requests.

    Click here for photos and more information
    John M. Christopher, Founder and Director
    john@foundationtwentyone.org, 415.786.5257 -john@foundationtwentyone.org
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