• Ember Protection Services: Creating the Future of Wildfire Protection

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    March 07, 2023
    Cutting Edge Technology for Wildfire Protection

    Ember Protection Services is the industry leader in automated wildfire defense. The EPS wildfire defense system utilizes innovative proprietary technology and satellite data sources to track wildfires for an individual property 24 hours a day.  EPS is a dual defense system that first deploys a long-term fire retardant to the perimeter vegetation creating a 50’ wide firebreak protecting the structure from encroaching fire and radiant heat for up to 3 months. Then high-pressure water is deployed to the roof and eaves of the structure to defend against airborne embers. The EPS system maintains constant water pressure even when the demand for water changes and includes reliable backup power for protection during power outages.
    U.S. Patent #11247087                                                             
    The EPS system is 100% autonomous and requires no human action to activate.  Automated activation occurs when a fire encroaches within a set distance to the property or when backup heat sensors trigger an emergency sequence of operations.

    The EPS Portal displays custom wildfire mapping specific to your property with danger level zones ranging from low to extreme. Includes early warning wildfire detection with automated alerts sent by text or email.
    EPS Control Center is the heart and brain of the most advanced wildfire defense system in the world.  Built with industrial-strength components, our control center is robust and will be effective during the most extreme wildfire emergencies. 508a U.L. Listed
    Chris McDonald, CEO
    chris@embersprotectionservices.com, (888) 927-0901
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