• DTSC Treated Wood Waste Temporary Variance Program Update 3/24/2021

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    March 24, 2021

    The Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) has added an update to the treated wood waste (TWW) FAQ page. Below is the update added and the link to the TWW FAQ webpage.

    Q: Can you please clarify the rules applicable to residents that generate treated wood waste (TWW)? 
    A: A homeowner does not require a variance to manage TWW generated incidental to owning and maintenance their own place of residence as long as they do not transport the TWW themselves.  If a homeowner transports TWW to an authorized transfer station or landfill, then the homeowner should have a variance (or follow hazardous waste rules). However, a transfer station or landfill is authorized to accept TWW from a homeowner even if the homeowner does not have a variance. If a transfer station or landfill accepts TWW from a homeowner without a variance, they are required to provide a notice explaining the rules for transporting TWW, and they must collect contact information and pass it on to DTSC.  The contact information will be used by DTSC to identify anyone that is repeatedly shipping TWW without authorization, despite having been informed of the rules. 
    DTSC encourages anyone planning to ship TWW to a transfer station or landfill to call the facility prior to shipping the waste to ensure that you are aware of any facility specific acceptance requirements. A list of authorized transporters, transfer stations, and landfills, and their contact information, is available on DTSC’s website (https://dtsc.ca.gov/toxics-in-products/treated-wood-waste/).  Note that the list on DTSC’s website contains only the names of the facilities that requested to be listed; there are many other facilities that have received a variance that are not listed. 

    FAQ Link: https://dtsc.ca.gov/treated-wood-waste-tww-frequently-asked-questions/
    If you have any questions about the TWW variance process, please refer to the information DTSC’s website such as the TWW fact sheet and FAQs or send an email to TWW_help@dtsc.ca.gov
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