• Do You Have a Passion for Working in Construction? Here’s How to Tell.

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    October 01, 2020
    Have you ever met someone who knew exactly what they wanted to do in life from the time they were a small child? Some people are like that. They are practically born knowing where to go. For the rest of us, it’s important to find a good fit. But having a career is so much better when you know you can bring passion to your work. Here are five ways you can tell that your passion (and your future) lies in construction.

    You Can’t Stop Building Things
    Like kids who can’t stop playing with Legos, there are adults who absolutely love building things. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re constantly creating new structures, however. You’ll know that you’ve got the passion if you are constantly finding new ways to rethink your living or working spaces. For example, if you’re always working on a personal home improvement project or helping your friends with theirs, this is a good sign that you’ll enjoy doing it as a career.

    You Love to See Physical Results of Your Work
    Centuries ago, most of the work the people did had some kind of physical result. They might create, produce or grow something that others could use or consume. These days, much of what people do for a living isn’t tangible. And while many people believe that these are rewarding careers, it isn’t the best choice for everyone. There are still millions of people who love to work with their hands and see something grow or change before their eyes. Construction provides an immediate reward of progress that can give you a sense of satisfaction with your effort.

    You Love Active Work
    One of the things that industrialization created for society was the ability to produce more while working less. Instead of having one person produce all components of a product, they are more likely to be in charge of one aspect of it. As a result, in the 21st Century, most people do not work on their feet. This is certainly true for people who have found long-term careers. And while many people find this approach very accessible, there are others who need more activity during the workday. If you find long hours spent outside to be the best way to earn a living, you’re ideally suited to a career in construction.

    You’re Always Ready to Learn Something New
    While construction is an extremely old profession, this doesn’t mean that it never changes. There are always new technologies and building practices to learn. The people who are better set for a career in construction are the ones who are willing to adapt over time. The last several years have brought significant changes in the construction workflow. As such, some tasks are easier to do and provide a better long-term result. But in order to develop skills in those innovations, you have to have some courage and a love of learning. Always wanting to find out what’s next on the horizon will serve you well in this industry.

    You Take Pride in Building on Ancient Tradition
    A mix of old and new practices is what makes up the construction industry. You might build something in a way that people have been doing it for 500 years or more. In fact, there’s a whole niche of the construction industry in period construction and renovation. If the process is solid, there may be no reason to change it. But at the same time, there are new developments that can make things better, stronger or more likely to last. Your interest in honoring the past while you create structures for the modern world are signs that you will enjoy this career now, and in the future.

    Working in construction might be a job, but it could also be a passion. To find out how you can take advantage of your interest in construction to build a great career, contact CSLS today!
    Mary Birch, Business Development Manager
    maryb@cslscorp.com, (818) 458-7842
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