• Decisions, Decisions...Intuition vs Analysis

    Decisions, Decisions…
    According to researchers at Cornell University we make 226.7 decisions a day just on food alone. Imagine the number of decisions for entrepreneurs and business owners! And then layer on the complexities of a design or
    construction project. Yikes.
    Decision fatigue is real. Part of that could be trying to use your analytical mind to solve problems that actually require intuition instead.
    The analytical mind is a useful tool. It is great for solving linear problems such as A + B = C, ones that can be broken into discreet pieces where the whole is no more than the sum of the pieces. These problems are solved with step-by-step analysis using consciously known data, and are processed in the analytical left brain, which is also home to Saboteur chatter.
    The intuitive mind can tackle complex problems where there are too many parts to separately evaluate, and where the sum is greater than the parts. This includes problems with non-rational factors like emotion or relationships. Basically, anything with humans involved! These require the non-verbal, “no think” areas of the brain inhabited by the Sage—using energy, emotion, imagery and massive amounts of “forgotten” knowledge—which is accessed during contemplation, meditation, relaxation and marination.
    The analytical brain is smart, while the intuitive mind is wise.
    Both are useful. When we try to use the wrong mode for a problem, it can be exhausting. Forcing solutions. Pushing the proverbial boulder up a hill. Square peg, round hole.
    You get the idea.
    The adult brain consumes 20% of our energy in a resting state (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience); that’s a very high price. And if we’re using it incorrectly, it’s not efficient and can lead to fatigue.
    +Space Planning
    +Conceptual Design
    +Client Relations
    +Team Dynamics
    +Strategic Planning
    +Cabinet Details
    +Project Management
    These are all complex, multi-layered tasks with non-rational parts that require a healthy dose of intuition. Part of the challenge is that we can’t schedule intuition, but we can encourage it by taking breaks, turning off devices, going for a walk, meditating, or journaling. It may take longer than you would like, but the resulting decisions and absence of stress will make up for that.
    I get it; this is counter to everything we have been taught and rewarded for. It takes effort and courage to reprogram years (or decades) of habits and patterns, and to go against the grain of common business thinking and practice. There is a better way; the way of ease and flow, curiosity and creativity, meaning and purpose.
    There is no overnight fix, and it is possible. Positive Intelligence (PQ) is one way, and the fastest, most effective way I have encountered. Jump on my calendar if you’d like to chat about it or check out my next Mental Fitness Bootcamp, starting May 8, 2023. Member offer on bootcamp in the Toolkit!

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