• Creativity Love Potion

    Love = Creativity = Love

    Apologies to my 9th grade algebra teacher, Mrs. Greenburg, for the wonky formula, but it’s true and I’m going to prove it.

    Think about a time when you were at your most creative. Ideas were flowing. Shapes, colors and textures emerged intuitively, without thinking. Time stood still. Or flew by.

    Now think about how you were feeling at that moment.

    • Were you angry?
    • Stressed?
    • Disappointed?
    • Feeling guilty?
    • Judging yourself or another?

    I highly doubt it.

    More likely, you felt expansive, light, bright, warm, peaceful, calm, joyful.

    You can’t create at a high level when you’re tight, upset or perseverating. It’s impossible. Those types of feelings are energy blocks. And creativity is energy; it is your soul expressing itself. And your soul, your spirit, your essence is energy, and it is love.

    Formula proved.

    Your Sage knows that for creativity and flow you need to make space to create. Show yourself some love today (and every day) by adding a dash of innovation—draw by hand, arrange flowers for your desk, dress playfully, play music and do a little dance.

    Your spirit will thank you. Please pass this on to someone whose spirit needs it.

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