• CSLB Reminds Contractors to Include License Number on Vehicles and Advertisements

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    September 24, 2020
    CSLB #20-21

    SACRAMENTO – The California Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is reminding licensed contractors to include their license number on all commercial vehicles and advertisements.  This includes online sales postings and websites, as well as newspaper, radio, and television advertisements. Advertising laws must be followed to avoid disciplinary action and fines (Business and Professions Code sections 7027, 7029.5, and 7030.5, and California Code of Regulations section 861). 

    Contractors should also remember:
    • License numbers should be published on all business documents, including business cards, contracts, and promotional materials. 
    • Advertise within your classification. Licensed contractors are not allowed to advertise for construction work outside of the trade(s) for which they are licensed.
    • Don’t advertise about license bonding. Contractors, by law, are not allowed to advertise that they are bonded. It could lead the public to believe there is a higher level of protection than might actually be the case.
    • According to Business and Professions Code (BPC) § 7029.6, your business name and contractor license number should be clearly visible on your commercially registered vehicle in print type of at least 72-point font, or three-quarters of an inch in height and width.
    • Be aware of possible fines or penalties. The civil penalty for licensees who violate contractor advertising laws can range from $100 to $5,000. 
    “Licensed contractors must clearly display their contractor license number in their advertisements and on commercially-registered vehicles,” said CSLB Registrar David Fogt. “Not only is it the law, it can help contractors generate business and let consumers know they’re working with qualified professionals.”
    For more information on advertising rules, read CSLB’s Advertising Guidelines brochure or watch CSLB’s video on “Contractor Advertising Guidelines.”

    Contractors can stay up-to-date on CSLB news by visiting CSLB’s website and following us on Facebook.

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