• Applied Financial Services: Common Mistakes Business Owners Make Around Their Finances

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    July 21, 2022

    Common mistakes business owners make around their finances...
    • Lack of Organization 
    • Getting behind on paperwork 
    • Math errors 
    • Hiring unqualified staff 
    • Unwillingness to delegate 
    • Mixing business and personal finances 
    • No receipts! 
    • Short term focus 
    • Lack of budget 
    • Lack of knowing one's income and expenses
    Applied Financial Service Simple Solutions for Bookkeeping Issues:
    • Weekly dedicated time
    • Double check your calculations
    • Keep receipts
    • Budget
    • Review reports
    • Ask questions
    • Being clear of actual income and expenses versus projections
    • Keep separate record systems for business and personal
    • Delegate
    Would you like some assistance? This is what we specialize in. Please email us at info@appliedfinancialservices.com


    Do you have a lingering question about your business or personal life where you feel stuck from moving forward? Do you find yourself procrastinating or so overwhelmed that you are unable to take any steps to move towards your goals? 

    Roxanne Albin has years of experience helping sole proprietors, non-profits, businesses owners, and individuals thrive. Roxanne specializes in anticipating a business and/or individual needs. She will be your accountability partner to help you gain clarity and obtainable actions to reach your goals.
    Roxanne Albin, President
    roxannealbin@appliedfinancialservices.com, (415) 842-7635
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