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    Free Member Resource for Navigating the Medicare Maze
    Most people become eligible for Medicare at age 65. Medicare is the government run health insurance for people age 65 and older, younger people with disabilities, and people with End Stage Renal Disease. Medicare can look like a complicated maze of choices, between Medicare Parts A–D, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Supplement (Medigap) policies. That’s why we are introducing a resource to help you understand the different parts of Medicare, what is and isn’t covered, how Medicare works with employer coverage, and how to choose the best coverage for your situation.

    Live! Medicare Solutions Brought to you by Alliant
    Alliant Medicare Solutions is a free resource for you, or any family members and friends who are nearing age 65 and older. Alliant Medicare Solutions’ Licensed Insurance Agents can help you navigate the Medicare maze to find a plan that is right for you. Agents are contracted and certified in all 50 states to provide Medicare advice and an “A-rated” or better insurance carrier at competitive rates. Visit us online at alliantmedicaresolutions.com.

    Why is it important?
    There is a seven-month window to enroll in Medicare for the first time. This Initial Enrollment Period starts three months before you turn age 65 and ends three months after your birthday month.  
    This enrollment period is your first opportunity to sign up for Medicare Part A and/or Part B. This is also your first chance to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C) or Part D Prescription Drug plan. If you don’t enroll in Medicare during your initial enrollment period or do not provide proof of insurance under another eligible plan, you may pay more for Medicare later on when you do enroll.

    How does it work? 
    1. Call the North Bay Builders Exchange Trust dedicated Alliant Medicare Solutions number at (855) 457-7849 to speak to a Licensed Medicare professional. You can also go to alliantmedicaresolutions.com to schedule a meeting.
    2. Discuss with Alliant Medicare Solutions:

    • Your current insurance coverage, if any
    • Types of coverage including Original Medicare, Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Medicare Advantage, and prescription drug plans
    • Which plan might work the best for you
    • Alliant Medicare Solutions helps you enroll immediately or emails the policy materials for you to review and enroll at a later date


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