• California Spray Sprinkler Law Now in Effect by The Urban Farmer Store

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    October 20, 2020
    California law requires sale of only pressure-regulated spray bodies.

    This change to a more water-efficient product will phase in water savings of up to 25% on spray zones. New installations will be more efficient. Existing systems can be upgraded for lower water bills.

    Make the change!
    1. Work through your old inventory. 
    2. We will remind you to select the correct product when replenishing. 
    3. Advise clients to update their systems. Many systems have sprays that are well-beyond their useful life and that are set at an incorrect grade for efficient operation. Encourage your customers to update all spray bodies when making repairs to enjoy immediate water savings. Remember: riser-mounted sprays need to be updated too. (It is often better to convert to drip irrigation in planting beds) 
    Efficient use of our statewide water resources will ensure the future health of our landscape industry.
    Eric Guenther, Store Manager
    ericg@urbanfarmerstore.com, (415) 380-3840
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