• 'Big Skills Tiny Homes' Making a Difference

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    December 16, 2020
    Good work coming from your backyard.  

    Excerpt taken from, "Tiny houses empower homeless youth"
    by Eleanor Vincent, Bay City News Foundation
    December 16, 2020

    A first in the nation, the Tiny House Youth Empowerment Village under construction near the Oakland Coliseum will house homeless youth ages 18-25 in 26 brightly-painted wooden houses on wheels. Only 8-by-10 feet, each little home comes equipped with the basics: a fold-out bed, windows, skylight, storage, heated wooden floors and electricity. Dining facilities, community meeting spaces and bathrooms are communal, interspersed with garden boxes planted with herbs, fruit trees and flowering vines.

    Constructed in Habitat for Humanity-style builds by volunteers on land provided by the City of Oakland, the aim for this project run by Youth Spirit Artworks, in partnership with the Housing Consortium of the East Bay, is bold: give homeless young adults a place to build community, learn skills, do art and have a safe place to shelter during COVID-19 for up to two years before they launch into the world.

    Sean Ticknor, Executive Director of Big Skills Tiny Homes based in Fairfax, volunteered to build one of four ADA-compliant tiny homes with larger doors to accommodate wheelchairs. During the build, which lasted from September to November, Ticknor trained and offered scholarships to four people who wanted to learn construction skills — two high school graduates and two middle-aged women.

    Full article:   https://localnewsmatters.org/2020/12/16/tiny-houses-empower-homeless-youth/ 
    Sean Ticknor, Executive Director
    bigskillsth@gmail.com, (415) 246-9445
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