• 5 Myths and Facts About Changing Your Career to Construction

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    December 23, 2021
    Changing careers is a big decision. You might have friends or family members who have concerns about making such a choice. In a lot of cases, people worry because they don’t understand the modern construction industry or the amazing things you can do in it. Here are five myths and facts about starting a career in construction.

    Myth 1: You Won’t Make Enough Money
    Fact: Like most industries, construction offers a variety of possible positions with a large range of salaries. People who spend most of their adult years in the industry have the capacity to dramatically increase their income. Of course, it depends on the type of job you choose and how much you invest into it. If you select a field that’s high in demand, you will probably earn more money. But even when you’re just looking for a job that will help you pay the bills and provide a lot of upward mobility, construction is a great place. With the labor shortage right now, you might even get paid more than you expect.

    Myth 2: You’ll Get Hurt
    Fact: Construction can be a dangerous industry, but there are many safety practices designed to minimize that. In a lot of cases, injury results due to the fact that workers were not wearing appropriate gear or reducing the danger of specific activities. Government organizations like OSHA exist to monitor businesses and confirm that they can provide a safe working environment for employees. Many of their recommendations for construction are easy to find and read online. If you know what to do, you can significantly cut down on your risk of getting hurt.

    Myth 3: You’ll Do Boring Work Every Day
    Fact: While there are a variety of repetitive tasks in construction, there are plenty of ways to make each one interesting. For example, many fields in construction are starting to incorporate new technology like drones, AR, and more. There’s been a lot of innovation in the construction industry within the last decade or so, which means that you may have tons of opportunities to learn new tools and practices. In essence, the job is only boring if you choose to see it that way. You can always explore new ways of doing it.

    Myth 4: You Won’t Use Your Brain
    Fact: Many construction jobs require you to have a certain degree of physical fitness, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your cognitive skills. Construction professionals spend years refining their knowledge of the field, often earning certificates or licenses to do the work. On top of specialized knowledge, critical thinking is a vital asset on the construction site. You may be called upon to evaluate a situation and quickly come up with solutions. It’s even more important when you are running your own business. You have to be ready to:
    • Interact with clients
    • Complete work according to their specifications
    • Direct other employees
    • Stay safe while you do it
    You’ll need to be highly aware of your surroundings and quick thinking to be good at it.

    Myth 5: You’ll Get Replaced by a Robot
    Fact: Automation is a crucial innovation that is steadily progressing in construction, but it’s never going to replace human supervision. Sometimes people fear the coming of new technology, while simultaneously ignoring the roles that technology already plays in the industry. You wouldn’t necessarily think of a computer’s design program or a handheld device as automation that replaces a human being. Decades ago, people did. Nowadays, you might see it as an accessory that helps you to do your job more effectively, and possibly complete more projects in less time.

    Changing your career to construction is a big deal, but the facts show that it could be a very good choice. To get started on your career path, contact CSLS today!
    Mary Birch, Business Development Manager
    maryb@cslscorp.com, (818) 458-7842
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