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    Wednesday, January 20, 2021
    Back in the spring, lots of people thought that COVID-19 was going to have short-term effects on the world, and then everyone would move on. As it turns out, systemic changes in business practices will continue into the new year and beyond. Companies are thinking about how to use commercial spaces when they don’t necessarily want people to come in. With this information, you’ll have a sense of ...read more
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    Tuesday, January 19, 2021
     The 2021 Book of Lists is available now!  Access the E-Edition on our website here  If you would like a complimentary book mailed to you, please contact Annette Wirick Business Journal subscribers will receive a copy via USPS2021 Book of Lists E-Edition The option to purchase a digital download version of the 2021 Book of Lists is also available here   
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    Friday, January 15, 2021
    What You Need to Know About Second Draw PPP LoansKey insightsMany entities that were eligible to participate in the first round of the PPP, received a PPP loan, and have fully used those proceeds are eligible to apply for a second draw PPP loan.Second draw PPP loans include a new revenue reduction requirement affecting eligibility.Requesting a re-sizing of your initial PPP loan may result in ...read more
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    Friday, January 15, 2021
    CalSavers is a state-sponsored retirement savings program for private sector workers whose employers do not offer a retirement plan. This program gives employers an easy way to help their employees save for retirement, with no employer fees, no fiduciary liability, and minimal employer responsibilities. Employers are required to comply either by offering their own retirement plan and registering ...read more
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    Friday, January 15, 2021
    With news that the Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization for multiple COVID-19 vaccines, many of our friends in the construction industry have asked whether they can require or mandate that their employees receive one of the vaccines. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently updated its guidance on COVID-19-related employment issues to indicate that ...read more
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    Tuesday, January 12, 2021
    AUTHOR Joe Bousquin PUBLISHED Jan. 12, 2021 Construction DiveDive Brief:A new California law that went into effect Jan. 1 allows state regulators to shut down jobsites that expose workers to an imminent hazard of COVID-19 infection, while eliminating a previously required 15-day rebuttal period for contractors to respond to any alleged “serious violations” related to COVID-19, according to the ...read more
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    Thursday, January 07, 2021
    Billions for roads, harbors, schools, military housing, broadband and clean energy is aimed at spurring construction AUTHOR Joe Bousquin PUBLISHED Jan. 7, 2021 Construction Dive The term “construction” appears 636 times in the $908 billion pandemic relief package and $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill passed by Congress and signed by President Donald Trump at the end of December. In other ...read more
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    Thursday, January 07, 2021
    In an emergency situation, evacuating employees out of a building poses unique challenges.  Appropriate exits, emergency lighting, communication systems, alarms and sprinkler systems are critical for employee safety. Emergency routes need to be developed, posted, and properly maintained to ensure easy accessibly in an emergency situation.  Drills are a critical component of all emergency actions ...read more
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    Thursday, December 31, 2020
    Objective: To inform organizations of measures they can take to increase the security of their data, computer, and network systems. The advancement of information technology has made it easier than ever to run a small business, but your organization, as well as your customers and their data, may be at risk unless proper cybersecurity measures are in place. Download this week's training short ...read more
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    Wednesday, December 23, 2020
    •    775+ sq. ft. located in Terra Linda •    3 Private Offices with Windows •    Private Entrance and Restroom •    Coat Closet and Storage area •    Includes Alarm System, Utilities, and Available High Speed Wi-Fi •    Annual or Month-to-Month •    Large Meeting Rooms and Other Amenities Available Call or email Rick for more info. FULL FLYER
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    Friday, December 18, 2020
    In this unprecedented time, businesses are wondering how to market themselves, and how to do it without breaking the bank.  With people mainly working from home in the North Bay unless they have to go out, or work on site, making sure that you appear on your customer's screens is critical. The absolute best way to get your business in front of people right now is to publish engaging content on ...read more
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    Tuesday, December 15, 2020
    AUTHOR Joe Bousquin PUBLISHED Dec. 15, 2020 Construction DiveDive Brief:A new study tracking the results of more than 730,000 COVID-19 tests found that construction workers had the highest positivity rates for asymptomatic cases of any occupation, including healthcare staff, first responders, correctional personnel, elderly care workers, grocery store workers and food service employees.The ...read more
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    Monday, December 14, 2020
    AUTHOR Kim Slowey @kimslowey PUBLISHED Dec. 14, 2020 Construction Dive As the end of 2020 approaches, even as many construction businesses are still struggling with the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to close out the year financially. That means it's time for tax planning and the consideration of other financial issues, both of which will hopefully put contractors in the best ...read more
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    Monday, November 30, 2020
    Are more stop-work orders ahead? Here's what to do to be able to come back in stride. AUTHOR Joe Bousquin PUBLISHED Nov. 30, 2020 Construction DiveThis is the second in a two-part series about the potential impacts of the country's surging coronavirus outbreak on the construction industry. Click here for Part 1. With COVID-19 surging out of control across the country, and daily death tolls ...read more
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    Monday, November 30, 2020
    AB 685 Creates Employer COVID-19 Notice Requirements and Expands Cal/OSHA Powers effective January 1, 2021 On November 20, 2020, the OSHA Board unanimously adopted proposed regulations that impose requirements on employers to promulgate written policies regarding COVID-19 Prevention Plans.  The new regulations will go into effect December 1, if approved by the Office of Administrative Law, and ...read more
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    Tuesday, November 24, 2020
    AUTHOR Jenn Goodman PUBLISHED Nov. 24, 2020 CONSTRUCTION DIVE CPA Jack Callahan sheds light on the new loan necessity questionnaire for Paycheck Protection Program borrowers, a requirement that has been called "confusing and burdensome" by industry groups. Construction firms that received a Paycheck Protection Program loan of more than $2 million got news late last month that they will be ...read more
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    Monday, November 16, 2020
    There are dozens of construction fields. If you’re not sure which one to pursue, how do you decide? The trick is to think about which areas have a lot of growth potential, and which ones are well-suited for the kind of career you want to have. You might have to try out a few directions before you are sure which one will be the most appropriate for your goals. With this information, you’ll know the ...read more
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    Thursday, November 12, 2020
    Contractors have just 15 days to decide whether they want to contest a citation and proposed penalty or simply pay it and move on. AUTHOR Kim Slowey @kimslowey PUBLISHED Nov. 9, 2020 CONSTRUCTION DIVE While no one would disagree with OSHA's mission, which is to ensure the safety of U.S. workers through compliance with the agency’s standards, the prospect of a workplace inspection might rattle ...read more
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    Saturday, November 07, 2020
    AUTHOR  Joe Bousquin Kim Slowey @kimslowey PUBLISHED Nov. 7, 2020 CONSTRUCTION DIVEFrom infrastructure spending and union support to immigration, taxes and regulations, the construction industry will face a new set of challenges and opportunities under a Biden administration. After a contentious election week that includes the potential for continued lawsuit and recounts, major news outlets ...read more
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    Wednesday, October 28, 2020
     Lower credit card processing fees with level 2 and level 3 processing The cost of accepting credit cards is one of the biggest expenses a business faces. It is an unavoidable cost of doing business in a society that rarely carries cash anymore. For any business processing more than $100,000 a month in credit card transactions, the cost to process cards can approach $4,000 in fees alone. If your ...read more
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    Wednesday, October 21, 2020
    The industry will start next year facing significant headwinds, economists and other experts predict. AUTHOR Shelley D. Hutchins, LEED-AP PUBLISHED Oct. 21, 2020 More than 10 months since the first coronavirus cases were reported in Wuhan, China, COVID-19's global spread continues to plague commercial construction. Since the pandemic hit the U.S., contractors across the country have faced a ...read more
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    Tuesday, October 20, 2020
    It feels like parts of the world keep spinning, while others are set off their axis. You may have projects to complete, while your suppliers are considered non-essential. This can cause backlogs in your work, as you try to find ways to keep meeting client expectations as you can. Here are a few delays you can expect related to COVID-19, now and for several months into the future.Inspections Many ...read more
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    Tuesday, October 20, 2020
    What Kind Of A Company Are You?  One of the most dangerous terms in the industry is "General Contractor." The truth is, the real riches are made in niche markets, not generalities. These days, you will make more money faster when you know who you are, who your target market is, and how to communicate with them.  Maybe you already have a niche, but you have not done a good job articulating it. Or ...read more
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    Thursday, October 15, 2020
    On September 22, 2020, the President signed Executive Order 13950 – Combatting Race and Sex Stereotyping (EO 13950). The new Executive Order is intended “to combat offensive and anti-American race and sex stereotyping and scapegoating[.]” To implement that goal, EO 13950 states that the government’s policy is “not to promote race or sex stereotyping or scapegoating in the Federal workforce or in ...read more
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    Wednesday, October 14, 2020
    Payroll taxes are one thing that you’ll need to pay as part of your contracting business. As of September 1st, the federal government gave businesses the option to decline withholding these taxes from employee paychecks, as long as they meet certain requirements. There are benefits to this program, but also possible drawbacks. Here’s what you need to know.What Are Payroll Taxes? Payroll taxes are ...read more
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    Wednesday, October 07, 2020
    Do you blink your eyes and the day is done? Do you often go weeks or even months without taking a day or two to see what’s new? This is a common problem for anyone who runs a small business. It is so easy to get wrapped up in daily tasks that you forget about professional development. However, investing this effort is the best way to avoid becoming obsolete and have a better guarantee of knowing ...read more
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