• Sustainable Development Assistant - Full Time Temp (w/ option for Perm)

    Rick's Energy Solutions, Inc.
    Job Description
    Required Skills:
    • Quick to learn & adaptive. You will be learning a software that is brand new.
    • Strong data entry skills with the ability to follow complex instructions in a step by step manner.
    • Expert Practical experience in Microsoft Office programs in a windows operating system. Know the internet and how to navigate it adroitly.
    • Meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. Software System reliant upon detail and specifics.
    The building industry is our arena and helping Northern California stays on the cutting edge of keeping it clean and green is what we do! We have constructed a new software system tailored to our own company structure. We need assistance getting our client records properly recorded in the new system.

    Actual Duties:
    • Coordinating the Customer Data that will be transferred into the new system by you and the rest of our team.
    • Be responsible for verifying data accuracy with internal and customer sources and confirming input via internal processing controls set up by Software Development Project Team.
    • Working with in-house team to keep records for internal project management use.
    • Enter historical project data records and all new contracts assigned to you.
    • Keep good records of communications internally via e-mails, calls, and visitors.
    • Ensure that process and information are accurately recorded, organized and available to the entire team as needed.
    Support the Software Development Team specifically and the team in general, to do their jobs as well as possible by providing files, locating documents, entering data in a timely manner and any other office related duties that may arise.

    The right candidate with embody the following characteristics:
    1. Believe global warming is real and want to directly impact change!
    2. Be tech savvy. If you are, you know what this means, it is ultra-important.
    3. No matter what medium, communication must be clear, direct, and succinct.
    4. Practice good manners and etiquette through any/all challenging circumstances.
    5. Be attuned to your feelings and those of others in order to achieve the best results in all interactions.
    6. Be able to multi task within the limits of the role. Know your job. This is primarily data entry.
    7. Stay on task, this job requires plenty of focus.
    8. Recognize your main responsibility – support the team in transporting historical data into the new system.
    9. Be a little obsessive – sustain meticulous organizations.
    10. Be self-directed when needed. Prioritize, differentiate between “mission critical” and “tasks that can wait” .
    11. Be flexible – occasionally you may have to stop on a dime and pivot towards a completely different task – react and adapt accordingly.
    Training and coursework provided in all other necessary software and systems to be used in the job. Competitive wage and benefits offered to the right candidate commensurate with skills and experience.
    Contact Information
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