• National Design Director at New Avenue Inc.

    New Avenue, Inc.
    Job Description
    National Design Director at New Avenue Inc.
    New Avenue Inc. is a national group of architects, designers and contractors who deliver the design/build experience people need to get more from home ownership. Our technology brings homeowners, design professionals, and contractors together in a transparent way so everyone wins.
    New Avenue is accepting applications for the position of National Design Director.
    Job Description: 
    The National Design Director will manage the design business that will design and permit all work that follows an initial $300 design session.  
    - Act as the CEO of the design side of New Avenue.  
    - Work directly with New Avenue’s founder and financing team to raise money to buy SFHs and add one or two ADUs using a combination of modular and custom building processes. We'll collaborate on all aspects of design and building methods. 
    - Participate in presentations, meetings, and calls with investors. Pitch the national platform and vision for the company. 
    - Build a culture of professionalism, data-driven planning, good communication, and ownership among the design employees.
    - Rebuild the design side of the New Avenue team by evaluating, re-training, and replacing designer subcontractors as necessary. 
    - Empower design staff to assert their value and get paid well for doing so. Assist them, as they become licensed, to grow teams of their own employees who can do $400,000 to $600,000 in design work. (See our current architect information at https://www.newavenuehomes.com/jobs/ and revise that information as part of this goal.)
    - Develop a high-performance home standard that includes an emphasis on location, diverse types of utilization including ADUs, passive house inspired construction, and net zero standards. Encourage these standards in all designs. 
    - Create a standard for modernizing SFHs with both better design and construction standards as well as a better duplex/triplex model of use. (Think along the lines of LEED or passive, but we will develop a new name for what we are doing.)   
    - Build a library of details (including process standards, historical data, and other useful information) to be shared across the firm.
    - Establish a standard suite of technology for design professionals to use when providing services to clients.
    The compensation target is $200,000. The position pays a $100,000 base, with the other half coming from stock and profit sharing.   
    Company Resources:
    The resources that the company will provide include: 
    - At least 10 new projects per month (likely 20 or more). Clients pay $300 for an initial design meeting. A good hire rate following the first meeting is 75%. We have seen a range of 10% to 100% hire rates, with the rate depending on the design professional’s individual performance. With a good team, we’ll be able to get the 75%. Our clients spend an average of $300,000 each.  
    - A contractor who is an employee here can handle sales as needed. 
    - A financial controller.
    - A CTO who developed the New Avenue app and will continue to develop features and products.
    - The software for all contracts, invoicing, and collections.
    - All plans and budgets from 650 past projects, including 200+ built projects.   
    - A group of subcontractors who will estimate, bid and build anything.  
    Application Process:
    To apply, email your resume to Kevin Casey at kevin@newavenuehomes.com
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