• Solar & Electrical Technician

    Sun Solar Electric, Inc.
    Job Description
    Role Definition
    Under general supervision of the site Foreman, Solar & Electrical Technician will perform installation of solar and electrical systems included but not limited to preparing, placing, finishing in the solar & electric industry.  Solar and Electrical Technicians will set the positive example for the crew and assist the Foreman and proactively help, as necessary.  Take direction from the Foreman and accomplish requested tasks quickly and without much supervision.  Solar and Electrical Technician will have strong knowledge or work required in the Solar and Electrical Industry.
    Duties and Responsibilities
    • Minimum 2 years of Solar Industry experience:
      • Installing Solar or
      • Installing Electrical Systems.
    • Contribute to a site culture of continuous improvement by teaching and training less skilled members of the crew.
    • Maintain flexibility to switch gears and assist other crew members as needed.
    • Maintain good working relationship with all members of the crew and all employees throughout the company.
    • Operate non CDL trucks.
    • Recommend to Foreman any material needed which is not currently on the job site.
    • Prep and help organize the job site as instructed by the Foreman.
    • Take the initiative to clean the job site and encourage other less skilled workers to do the same.
    • Review schedule, technical provisions, terms and conditions and contract drawings for job.
    • Build according to drawings and specs as directed by the Foreman.
    • Communicate regular updates to the Foreman as necessary and suggest solutions to problems which pop up.
    • Propose time saving and effective suggestions to the Foreman.
    • Report any unsafe work conditions on the job site and help train less skilled crew members on how to work safely.
    Our company is an equal employment opportunity company with a drug free work environment.  In addition to our very competitive compensation package, we provide the opportunity to become an integral part of the continued growth of our organization. We associate with only the best and the brightest; if you consider yourself to be capable of becoming one of the best Sales Representatives in the country, please email your resume to contact@sunsolarelectric.org.
    Contact Information
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